August 5, 2016

Statement From Avé Madiol Veneklasen

I open…I fill.. I overflow
I dance to the tune of my feelings.
Their rhythms fill me with the energy of LIFE

It pulses through my veins my heart my soul
Those inner places, sometimes quiet,
sometimes screaming…
Places to be explored, places of adventure and
excitement…inner landscapes.

How to make visible these feelings which are ourselves,
these feelings which are each other?
What is the nature of pour intertwining…
our inner connectedness?
What is the nature of this spiritual dance?

So many levels and dimensions on this inner plane.
Emotions have such “intense” color…
their depth is overwhelming
Another expression of the life force.
The process becomes the discovery.
With each new vision my inner knowledge grows
and I delightedly step to it’s music.

I open…I fill…I overflow…
Each discovery leads to a new place,
a deeper understanding
creating spiritual windows, I marvel at her amazing
beauty of our inner complexities.

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