August 11, 2016

Why? The Study of the Nude

As artists, we strive to express beauty in all its wondrous forms. Throughout history, the Human form has fascinated and challenged artists with its amazing complexity and endlessly interesting variation.

The process of drawing is a skill that every artist needs at their disposal to bring their ideas into the visual realm. In LIFE DRAWING, (Drawing from the live model) we hone our observational skills and along with that, see to ‘let go’ and become part of the experience of “being” in the moment with pinpoint focus.

Working with the live model the artist has the opportunity to communicate visually and energetically with form in 3 dimensions. It is a much richer experience than working from 2 dimension to the flat surface of the rectangle when we work from photographs.

The life force in all its perfection, pulses above and below the boundaries of the skin and muscle, and to grasp even a fraction of that energy with our materials is highly rewarding. Art is the perfect tool for celebrating the wonder of our humanity, expressing not only our physical presence but also the deeper layers of emotion and spirit that connect us all. Visual Art speaks to those more subtle sensitivities.

Each viewer will have their own unique set of experiences and knowledge that he/she brings to the work. My intention is uplift the spirit of the views, both in process and in the finished piece. My hope is that you will enjoy the unique opportunity to expand “your” creative mind.


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