August 2, 2016

Joy of Process

Creativity is a part of all of us and springs from a deep human desire to envision and bring into reality our ideas, our thoughts, our dreams. As an artist, I am constantly using my materials to express not only ideas but emotions as well. The Figure has always intrigued me. Body language, expressed by the pose itself speaks volumes. Color is my vehicle because it speaks very directly with emotional impact, and the marks that I make on the white surface of the rectangle are my commitment to responding not only to the subject matter but to the piece itself. As the marks are made, the piece takes on it’s own “life”; A life that is separate from the subject and the creator. Most of the time this is a process that involves getting in touch with that deeper place where everything disappears but the “Moment” and in that moment the flow can begin. It’s a “trance dance” where energy is exchanged and the layers reveal themselves as the minutes turn into hours.

The longer I observe the more I “see”.

Drawing from life is a totally different experience. Life is “vibration”, it is moving and breathing and is affected by everything in the environment. The process of attempting to capture just a fraction of that vastness, takes laser focus, as well as complete trust. To really “look” is to trust what you are seeing, instead of relying on what the brain has stored. So often we assume, we have expectations about what an eye, a mouth, and ear, looks like, and then we miss what is really happening. It takes discipline to maintain focus, and BE in the moment with the subject.
As a 2 dimensional artist I live inside a rectangle and have to be constantly aware of that space and how the eye travels in that space. I am leading the viewer on a journey and I want to make sure that every corner is interesting enough to explore. Placing the subject matter and making sure that the composition pulls the viewer in and keeps her/ him there.The space that surrounds the subject matter is usually the biggest challenge. It is another element that leads the eye back to the where the artist wants to make his biggest statement. I am especially intrigued with faces, and expression of the pose and the sweep of fabrics alive with light.

I am blessed to have worked with some of the most amazing models on the planet. They have taken the outline of my ideas, and added their individual energy and mystery to the poses. I am only a vehicle with my intuition and sensitivity open to whatever may happen next.

Making ART has filled my life with beauty, mystery, and a tremendous joy beyond description. I am grateful to share my work with you. Enjoy!

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