Avé Madiol Veneklasen

I make art to express my enthusiasm and passion about life. I am an energetic and physical person and the process of making my art reflects that. Much of my work is very large; 36” x 80” and is done in a vertical format which lends power to my statements. I work standing up on a step stool, moving constantly up and down, responding visually and energetically to the subject.





Jackson Civic Art Association Plein Air Exhibit

Best in Show

Jackson College Potter Center Gallery
April 27 – June 10, 2024



Latest Blog Posts

Studio Landscapes: The Process

I have been working in the studio recently on a series of Autumn Landscapes. I took photographs when the colors were at their peak on a stunning October afternoon in the Cascades Park near my home in Jackson Michigan. I am always amazed how much beauty is right outside my door. I had the later […]


Nature’s Excitement: Inspired Landscape

My eyes are constantly buzzing with the full spectrum of light and color that delight all of my senses everyday. The gift of being alive on this incredibly Beautiful and Magical planet fill my heart with gratefulness. Sky, trees, grass, flowers, plants, fields, rocks, mountains, lakes, streams; I am so amazed and overwhelmed by the […]


Why? The Study of the Nude

As artists, we strive to express beauty in all its wondrous forms. Throughout history, the Human form has fascinated and challenged artists with its amazing complexity and endlessly interesting variation. The process of drawing is a skill that every artist needs at their disposal to bring their ideas into the visual realm. In LIFE DRAWING, […]